3D Modeling

Before video advertising, your product may need to be modeled. From conception to completion, our team will handle all your 3D modeling needs. We do 3D models for both products that are in the prototyping and blueprint phases and ones that have been fully developed and are ready for production. We can work closely with your industrial designer. Our services include 3D Modeling, texturing, and rigging. If your product is an accessory that already exists or requires a prop, then we may source it from Turbosquid. Some examples of 3D models that we’ve done in-house are consumer electronics, healthcare and beauty care products, jewelry, industrial machinery, and more.

3D Rendering

If you need a photo-realistic rendering of your product, an environment, or an app, then look no further. We provide renders ranging from full HD resolution to 4K resolution, with or without background, with or without the environment. Our renders are correctly optimized for websites, banners, posters, magazines, and other media. You can always specify the aspect ratio and orientation needed for your projects or advertising campaigns. During the process, you can specify details such as the type of shots you require (wide, medium, or close-up) and the angle of the camera.

Video Advertising

We develop video ads for products, services, and apps. We also produce commercials for television and social media (Instagram (IG Story and IG Post Format), Facebook, YouTube (Square, Wide, and Reel Format), and TikTok in Reel Format), as well as video presentations for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other fund-raising campaigns. Just let us know what you’d like covered in the video, and we will take care of the rest. We also do prototyping videos that are more focused on presentations to potential investors. Check out some of our video ad projects for your reference.