Notes on our video demo reel

*Kindly note that this is not a list of all our projects in entirety. As such, our demo reel encompasses the work we’ve done with various small, medium and large businesses. You will find, some of our work posted by the business owners of these ads on social media websites such as Instagram and Facebook. We are not authorized to share all the projects we’ve made. Therefore, we have shown a small reel keeping in mind that we are bound to the terms of confidentiality.

*VFXBOT participated in creation of the above videos through various responsibilities, such as art directing, visual effects, production or other duties.

We will be updating this demo reel from time to time. This will help us to cover new projects that we were part of. If you signed an NDA with us, including the clause of not sharing your video on our website, contact us immediately. This applies to other social media platforms. Your work is fully protected! If it does appear on any online platform owned by VFXBOT, by any reason, contact us instantly. We will be diligent to remove it from our website or social media.

The video demo reel on this page is owned and copyrighted by VFXBOT. It should not be reproduced, copied or used in any form, shape or way. Doing so will hold you legally liable. If you are one of our clients whose work is featured in any parts of our website, and would like your video to be removed, kindly contact us immediately.