VFXBOT will provide various advertising and 3D modeling services, as mentioned on the website. All the fees required to process the order must be paid in full before the assets are handed over.


Services provided by VFXBOT include, but are not limited to:

Creating written or visual storyboards of ad spots
Creating animated and live-action ads of products, services, and environments
Creating animated NFTs
Creating photo-realistic renders

Terms & Conditions

By using our services, you acknowledge the following:

The fees charged by VFXBOT are non-refundable unless VFXBOT is unable to deliver due to any intentional or unexpected cause, which will be notified to the client by phone call or email.
Confidentiality must be maintained for all of our fees, services provided, documentation, artwork, scripts, visuals, and communication.
VFXBOT is not responsible for the increase in or loss of sales, damage to brand or product reputation, or the outcome of the services we deliver. The Client is responsible for communicating the requirements to the best of their ability to achieve the desired results.
VFXBOT has no control whatsoever over the placement of the ads delivered and does not guarantee the acceptance of ads on all media on which they are featured or displayed. Ads, 3D models, or any other graphical assets created based on the requirement cannot be later altered to comply with such compatibilities.
VFXBOT is not liable, under any circumstances, to you (the end user) for any damages whatsoever, including (but not limited to) any direct incidental or consequential damages, loss of profits, or any claims of yours or third-party websites. You, the end user, assume all risks and potential damages (known or unknown) associated with using VFXBOT services.
VFXBOT reserves the right to tweak graphics, visuals, and other aspects of agreed-upon media production for the completion of the services agreed upon.
As an outsourced provider of specific 3D models, modeling, and ads, VFXBOT does not guarantee the success of any campaigns created by you, the user, on any platform on which such an ad or asset is placed. Neither does VFXBOT guarantee any ad placements.
The Client is responsible for following the laws governing acceptable advertising in your country or region. VFXBOT does not assume liability for the Client’s placement of media on online platforms or any improper or unlawful practices of media placement.
VFXBOT is not responsible for changes made to ads or media by other parties that adversely affect the visuals of the media generated by VFXBOT.

Non Disclosure

VFXBOT does sign NDAs for individuals or agencies that have an NDA requirement; however, as part of the terms of our service, you can be sure that we treat every client with full non-disclosure respect.
VFXBOT undertakes not to use the Confidential Information disclosed by you (the user of services) for any purpose without first obtaining your written consent.
We guarantee non-disclosure of confidential information to any third party (except to your company’s employees or individuals specified by you, the user of the services), who need to know the same for the purpose of reference.


VFXBOT reserves the right to cancel and refund any orders that fall into illegal or offensive industries. For all content that is illegal, be it products being sold or traded, services the media will be based upon, or hateful, objectionable, or defamatory content targeted towards any people, group, race, gender, or sexual orientation, even if such media demonstrates attacks on any business, person(s), organization(s), product(s), or service(s), including but not limited to cruelty towards animals, or otherwise content that has been found to be objectionable by VFXBOT, it will be cancelled and refunded.
We do generate media based on prescription drugs permissible by the laws of Kenya. Also, we may honor orders that fall into the industries of gambling, casinos, and adult entertainment, provided that they are treated separately and will be cancelled and refunded if ordered on a typical online order form.
If you are unsure if your requirement violates our restrictions, be sure to contact us first.

Emails and Newsletters

By using our services, you agree to receive emails from VFXBOT, be they in the form of order notifications, project progress, new services, or promotional offers.
All Parties irrevocably agree that the courts of Kenya have the exclusive jurisdiction to:

(a) conduct a determination of any dispute;
(b) grant short-term remedies;
(c) grant any other intervening or protective relief.